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【HALAL】Fried Onion Oil | Minyak Bawang Goreng | 炸葱油

RM 8.50
【HALAL】Fried Onion Oil | Minyak Bawang Goreng | 炸葱油 Ratings: 0 - 0 votes
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Fried Onion Oil is an indispensable seasoning oil commonly used in Asian cuisine.
It is freshly made and delicious!

It is not an easy task and is inconvenient to fry it by yourself. 
You will find that it is convenient to scoop and enjoy it directly together with your meals.
Therefore, Meet Mee's Fried Onion Oil is here for you! 🤗🤗

We carefully select and use premium red onions.
Once they have been diced,
We use high temperature and fry them in hot oil until golden brown.
Then, we let it cool down and ultimately transfer into jars.

It is undeniably the most perfect condiments you should keep in your pantry!
Whether you mix it with noodles, rice, vegetables, or braised dishes (Lo Mei),
The rich aroma will surely makes you wanting for more ~ 🤤🤤

Most importantly, Meet Mee's Fried Onion Oil is:
✅💯% pure
✅No preservatives added

Eat Heatlhy! 
Choose Meet Mee's Fried Onion Oil! 🤭🤭

Look no further! Try it today!

【Meet Mee Minyak Bawang Goreng】

Mencari bawang goreng?? 
Nak buat sendiri takde masa??
Pedih menghiris bawang??
Lagi nak bawang goreng yang asli
tiada campuran seperti tepung atau bahan pengawet??

Ha!Ni dia~
💥Meet Mee Minyak Bawang Goreng💥
Produk ini lain daripada Meet Mee Bawang Goreng,
Yang ni adalah minyak yang rendam bersama bawang goreng,
membuatkan minyak bawang goreng ini
lebih wangi, lazat dan rangup !

Sedap yang amat bertambah 
bila tabur minyak bawang goreng Meet Mee ~
terutamanya campurkan ia dalam pan mee~
Confirm tiada sesiapa yang boleh tahan aroma tersebut~

Cara simpanan dan makan pun senang,
ambil dengan sudu yang kering,
tambah ke dalam nasi goreng ataupun masakan sahaja,
maka siaplah hidangan yang lazat dengan aroma yang menyenangkan~

Marilah beli cubalah rasa~  


✅Shelf Life: 11 months

✅Jangka Hayat: 11 bulan

⚠️⚠️Attention! ⚠️⚠️

We will pack your items in boxes when you order more than 8pkts of noodles or noodles that are mixed together with other products that are in glass jar/bottle forms. Thank you so much for your understanding


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