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【HALAL】Fried Garlic|Bawang Putih Goreng|黄金炸蒜

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Fried Garlic is the most indispensable condiments that are widely used in Chinese Cuisines. 🔥

Meet Mee's Crispy Fried Garlic is made of good quality garlics, 
It is freshly made and is made with 100% pure ingredients.

Carefully peeling, cleaning, and granulating it,
We use high temperature and fry them in hot oil until golden brown,
once the garlic cools we ultimately transfer it into the jars.

With a fresh, crispy and extremely pleasant fragrance,
surely this all-purpose seasonings will spice up your meals! 😋😋

Whether is rice, noodles, vegetables, or meat,
simply stir it with fried garlics, and soon a perfect meal is ready to be served!

It can also help to quell inflammation, 
support immune function, and lower your blood pressure!

It is also suitable for those who hate the oily smell from frying 
or those we are too lazy to cook!! 😆😆

Most importantly, Meet Mee's Crispy Fried Garlic is:
✅💯% pure
✅No preservatives added

Meet Mee's Fried Garlic got your back!
A Healthier and Happier chose for you!

Hurry up! Grab one and taste it now! 😋😋

【Meet Mee Bawang Putih Goreng】

Kebaikan makan bawang putih ini, 
ia bukan sahaja dapat membantu menurunkan tekanan darah, mengurangkan keradangan,
juga menguatkan imunisasi badan!

💥Meet Mee Bawang Putih Goreng💥
Kami menggunakan 💯% bahan tulen untuk menghasilkan bawang putih goreng,
stok yang terbaru, pastinya fresh, baru goreng !!
Ia bukan sahaja rangup, garing dan lazat,
juga aroma bawang putih yang kuat!

Bawang putih yang terpilih, 
kupas, basuh dan tumbuk,
goreng sehingga perang keemasan.
biarkan sejuk baru masukkan ke dalam balang.

Senang untuk dimakan,|
Mudah dan menjimatkan masa,
Ambil je sesudu dan taburan bawang putih goreng kami,
pasti selera anda terbuka terus !

Bagi rakan-rakan yang pentingkan kesihatan dan pemakanan, 
Meet Mee Bawang Goreng memang pilihan anda!
Dijamin membuatkan seisi keluarga anda makan dengan sihat, gembira dan selesa! 😋

Dapatkan sebalang sekarang juga!


✅Shelf Life: 11 months

✅Jangka Hayat: 11 bulan

⚠️⚠️Attention! ⚠️⚠️

We will pack your items in boxes when you order more than 8pkts of noodles or noodles that are mixed together with other products that are in glass jar/bottle forms. Thank you so much for your understanding

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