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【HALAL】Dried Chilies|Sambal Chili Kering|招牌干辣椒

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【HALAL】Dried Chilies|Sambal Chili Kering|招牌干辣椒 Ratings: 0 - 0 votes
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Now you can easily make yourself an appetizing Chili Pan Mee at home~~!!
Introducing Meet Mee's Homemade Dried Chilies!!  

Our dried chilies are fried with high temperature oil for two hours.
And the heat must be just right when frying them,
making a balance between slightly burnt and fragrant taste.

As it took us more than 10 hours to make this perfect Dried Chili,
It is definitely the soul of Chili Pan Mee which you couldn't resists!

This Dried Chilies has slightly burnt taste 
it is not like Sambal that can be used for cooking,

It is more suitable to sprinkle on top of cooked foods,
Or it can also be used to mix in noodles.

Fresh, salty, fragrant and spicy as well,
not only can you taste the fragrance of shrimp and fish,
there is also a slightly burnt fragrance which may surprise you.
It's a perfect match when paring with the most popular dish, Pan Mee!

You can even mix it with your favorite noodles like maggie,
Aglio Olio, Fried Noodles, Fried Rice, and so on.
The best part is that Meet Mee's Homemade Dried Chilies are now available in bottle forms!

Wait no more! Order now!

【Meet Mee Sambal Cili Kering】

Memperkenalkan Cili Kering Buatan Sendiri kami, 🔥Meet Mee Cili Kering  🔥
Kini dengannya, anda boleh memasak Chili Pan Mee dengan mudah di rumah~~!!

Cili kering kami dimasak dalam minyak panas dengan api besar selama dua jam, 
dengan masa,
teknik yang betul dan sempurna barulah
hasilnya cili kering yang mencapai keseimbangan antara hangus dan harum,

Boleh dinikmati bersama
✅nasi putih
✅pan mee
✅bubur nasi

Tambahkan sesutu je, 
Rasanya letopppssss gitew~
Kesedapan tidak terhingga~

Dijamin digemari oleh semua lapisan masyarakat~


✅Shelf Life: 11 months

✅Jangka Hayat: 11 bulan

⚠️⚠️Attention! ⚠️⚠️

We will pack your items in boxes when you order more than 8pkts of noodles or noodles that are mixed together with other products that are in glass jar/bottle forms. Thank you so much for your understanding


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