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Salted Egg Fried Fish Cakes | Keropok Ikan Telur Masin | 咸蛋炸鱼饼

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Salted Egg Fried Fish Cakes | Keropok Ikan Telur Masin | 咸蛋炸鱼饼 Ratings: 0 - 0 votes
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This is not a snack~!
This is not a snack~!
This is not a snack~~!

But surely you can’t help enjoying it as if is a snack~~!! 😆

Introducing the tantalizing and Crispy Salted Egg Yolk Fried Fish Cakes,
dusted with our all-time favorite and irresistible flavor – salted egg yolk! 😱😱

This fragrant and premium salted eggs are paired together with Crispy Fried Fish Cakes,
the aroma of the fish makes you keep wanting for more!! 🤤🤤🤤

After searching all over Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia we insisted 
on using only one type of fish, where the skin and bones were removed,
We even have our very own recipes to make this snack!

You can even taste the fish in each bite of our Salted Egg Yolk Fried Fish Cake. 😋😋
Whether is fried noodles, white rice, or fried rice,
just add some Fish Cakes and you certainly can’t help yourself adding more rice!!

I was home alone and finished TWO packets in ONLY ONE WEEK.
This evilly delicious Crispy Salted Egg Yolk Fried Fish Cake 
is going to suprise you~~!! 🤗😋

Hurry and try it now!! Once you tried it you will love it! 😍😍

⚠️⚠️Attention! ⚠️⚠️
We will pack your items in boxes when you order more than 8pkts of noodles or noodles that are mixed together with other products that are in glass jar/bottle forms. Thank you so much for your understandings. 😊


Fresh Fish, Salted Egg Powder, Curry Leaves, Sugar, Starch, Salt, Pepper, Spices, Cooking Oil


Ikan Segar, Serbuk Telur Masin, Daun Kari, Gula, Tepung Kanji, Garam, Lada, Rempah Ratus, Minyak Masak

✅Net Weight: 140g
✅Berat Bersih: 140g
✅Store in a Cool & Dry place
✅Simpan di tempat yang dingin dan kering
✅Shelf life: 12 months
✅Jangka Hayat: 12 bulan
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